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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20, "Spooky Cott".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Tom volunteered to do at the end of "The Show Must Go On"?
(a) Take over the choir and play the organ.
(b) Cook a big Christmas dinner for the evacuees.
(c) Deliver the mail.
(d) Direct the Christmas show.

2. What Bible story doesTom tell Willie after his bath in Chapter 6?
(a) Abraham and the commandments.
(b) Noah's Ark.
(c) The creation.
(d) Joseph and his coat.

3. What is ironic about Miss Thorne's thoughts concerning Willie's stay with Tom?
(a) She thinks Willie needs city air when he really needs the country air.
(b) She thinks Tom will take care of him the way his mother can't.
(c) She thinks Willie is in a bad place with Tom and away from his mother.
(d) She thinks Tom will teach Willie things he does not need.

4. For what does Tom go to the draper?
(a) Clothes for Willie.
(b) Black material for the windows at night.
(c) Draperies.
(d) Clothes for himself.

5. What is Spooky Cott?
(a) A "haunted" cottage.
(b) Mrs. Hartridge's home.
(c) An old school house.
(d) A cat.

Short Answer Questions

1. What of Tom's did Zach use to finish the shelter?

2. What is Zach fixing during the whole of Chapter 18, "Recovery"?

3. Why does Willie want to cry when he reaches the gate to the field?

4. What does Tom need from Roe in Chapter 2?

5. What does Geoffrey decide to do for work?

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