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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13, "Carol Singing".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why doesn't the choir sing when Tom begins to play?
(a) They are frightened of Tom.
(b) They are afraid they will not sound good.
(c) They want to hear him play.
(d) They don't know the song.

2. How does Mr. Miller first greet Willie?
(a) Sadly, he feels sorry for poor, skinny Willie.
(b) Angrily, he is afraid he will steal from him.
(c) Happily, he is glad to have the Londoners in town.
(d) Frightened, he is afraid Willie will be bad.

3. What confusing saying did Zach leave Willie with on the night they first met?
(a) See ya later, alligator.
(b) In a while, crocodile.
(c) Just looking for spies.
(d) Roger, wilco, and out.

4. What upsets Carrie about George?
(a) He is smarter than she is.
(b) He can act in the play and she can't.
(c) He has opportunities she wants and he does not.
(d) He teases her all of the time.

5. Why is Doctor Little surprised when he looks at Willie?
(a) His socks have fallen down.
(b) He has so many bruises.
(c) He is very small for his age.
(d) He has lice.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the Little's building?

2. How does Tom make everyone laugh over Mr. Ruddles's entrance?

3. What do all of the children come to tell Willie after the first day of school?

4. What does Doctor Little diagnose Willie with?

5. How has Willie's room changed?

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