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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1, "Meeting")


Setting allows the reader an insight into the historical background of the piece. It can also lend an understanding to characterization. Chapter 1 gives the reader the historical setting. The novel is based in a small countryside town outside of London during WWII. The objective is to identify the setting and see how it establishes the characters of Chapter 1.


1. Class Discussion: What war is happening as the novel opens? Where is Tom's house? During WWII the bombings in London were fierce. Those who could got their families out of the city. Those who couldn't had the government find temporary homes for them. What requirement does Willie's mother ask of the home her child will be placed in? Since she wants Willie near a church and he gets placed with Tom, what does that say about where Tom's house is? Might Tom be religious then too? What...

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