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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Scarlett run into after visiting Rhett?
(a) Big Sam
(b) Will Benteen
(c) Frank Kennedy
(d) Ashley Wilkes

2. Why does Rhett seek to make amends with Old Atlanta?
(a) So Bonnie won't suffer like Wade and Ella
(b) So he won't be arrested
(c) So Scarlett will make more money
(d) So he can get elected as mayor

3. When does Rhett think that he lost it all?
(a) The start of the war
(b) The end of the war
(c) His marriage to Scarlett
(d) Bonnie's death

4. What can't Rhett tell Melanie?
(a) Rhett told Scarlett she'd miscarry
(b) Scarlett loves Ashley
(c) Ella is his daughter
(d) He loves Melanie

5. Melanie leaves Scarlett's party when who arrives?
(a) Johnnie
(b) The Yankee commander
(c) The Republican governor
(d) Rhett

Short Answer Questions

1. Who shows up at Frank and Scarlett's?

2. What happens to Bonnie that Scarlett can't prevent?

3. What does Frank hope will calm Scarlett down?

4. Who does Will Benteen want to marry?

5. Why does Rhett want to marry Scarlett?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Scarlett's marriage to Rhett different than her previous two marriages?

2. What does Rhett ask Scarlett after Frank's death? What is her response?

3. What do Wade and Ella experience that Rhett doesn't want to happen to Bonnie? What does he decide to do about it?

4. What happens to Scarlett and Rhett in Chapter 50? How does Rhett feel about this change in their lives?

5. What happens to Scarlett in Chapter 44? Who saves her?

6. Where does Scarlett find Rhett in Chapter 34? What does he tell her?

7. What does Scarlett realize as she goes home through the thick fog?

8. What does Scarlett decide to do in Chapter 51? What is Rhett's reaction to this?

9. What does Rhett do when Scarlett tells him she is pregnant? What happens to Scarlett that fulfills Rhett's words?

10. What does Rhett plot with Melanie about in Chapter 57?

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