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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Scarlett go to volunteer with Aunt Pittypat?
(a) The children's home
(b) The officers' camp
(c) A shelter
(d) The hosptial

2. Who does Scarlett kill?
(a) A Yankee
(b) A Confederate deserter
(c) Pork
(d) Melanie

3. Why did Gerald flee to the United States from Ireland?
(a) He killed a man
(b) To marry Ellen
(c) Religious persecution
(d) The Potato Famine

4. Who stays at Tara with Scarlett and Melanie?
(a) Ellen O'Hara
(b) Rhett Butler
(c) Will Benteen
(d) Aunt Pittypat

5. What does Rhett bring to Scarlett to help her as the Yankees approach Atlanta?
(a) A gun
(b) Disguises
(c) A horse
(d) A slave

Short Answer Questions

1. Gerald tells Scarlett that she should marry to be what?

2. Why are Scarlett and Melanie horrified when Cathleen Calvert tells them that she's going to marry?

3. What is Scarlett told as she helps Melanie have her baby?

4. Who remains with Scarlett to face the Yankees?

5. Where does Scarlett hide the dead Yankee's wallet?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Rhett feel about the war? Why does he run the blockade?

2. Where do Scarlett and her family go in Chapter 5? What does Scarlett hope to do there?

3. Why did Melanie speak to Belle Watling in Chapter 13? Why is she reprimanded for this?

4. How is Melanie's labor symbolic of the battle raging outside of Atlanta?

5. Why do you think Scarlett flees from the hospital in Chapter 17?

6. What is the situation in Atlanta like as the Yankees draw closer in Chapter 18? How does Scarlett feel about the situation?

7. Chapter 15 begins to show the changes in Ashley. How has the war changed him?

8. What happens when the soldier rides up to Tara in Chapter 26? What benefits does Scarlett gain from the event?

9. Who comes to stay at Tara while the family waits for Ashley to return after the war? How does he help out the family?

10. Why does Gerald arrive in Atlanta to take Scarlett back home in Chapter 10? How is Scarlett able to remain in Atlanta?

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