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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Scarlett send the family when they realize the Yankees are coming?
(a) The swamp
(b) The basement
(c) Twelve Oaks
(d) The barn

2. Ashley returns home for which holiday?
(a) May Day
(b) Christmas
(c) Easter
(d) Fourth of July

3. What illness does Scarlett get?
(a) An infected toe
(b) Influenza
(c) An ear infection
(d) Malaria

4. What does Scarlett try to do while Ashley is home?
(a) Get Ashley alone
(b) Get pregnant
(c) Kill Melanie
(d) Work more at the hospital

5. What does Rhett return to Melanie?
(a) A coin
(b) Ashley's horse
(c) Her wedding ring
(d) Her handkerchief

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Frank ask of Scarlett?

2. Why is it improper for Scarlett to attend parties and bazaars with Aunt Pittypat and Melanie?

3. Why doesn't Gerald go to battle?

4. Where does Scarlett go to find food?

5. What does Scarlett decide she must do to save Tara?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Scarlett jealous of the young women in Atlanta? Why do you think she feels this way?

2. What does Scarlett sneak to do in Chapter 11? What does she discover?

3. How does Scarlett become the head of Tara after her return with Melanie and the babies?

4. How is the war affecting Atlanta in 1864? What personal challenge does it give to Scarlett, Melanie, and those around them?

5. Why are Melanie and Scarlett shocked that Cathleen Calvert is marrying Mr. Hilton? Why doesn't Scarlett want Cathleen at Tara?

6. What is life like at Tara after the Yankees leave? What does Frank Kennedy confide to Scarlett about the war?

7. Chapter 15 begins to show the changes in Ashley. How has the war changed him?

8. How is Melanie's labor symbolic of the battle raging outside of Atlanta?

9. Why do you think Rhett joins the Confederate army even though he doesn't believe in the Cause?

10. How do the impending Yankee invasion and having to care for Melanie mature Scarlett? In what ways is she beginning to change from the girl that she was?

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