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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Rhett sends Scarlett a telegraph to tell her what?
(a) Wade has died
(b) He loves her
(c) He's leaving the country
(d) Melanie is ill

2. Who drives Scarlett around town?
(a) Uncle Peter
(b) Pork
(c) Ashley
(d) Archie

3. What does Melanie ask Scarlett to do?
(a) Take care of Ashley and Beau
(b) Forgive herself
(c) Go home to Tara
(d) Leave Rhett

4. What is Scarlett shocked to find out at Aunt Pitty's house?
(a) Rhett has been arrested by the Yankees
(b) Frank is having an affair
(c) Frank and Ashley are part of the Klan
(d) Melanie is pregnant

5. Why does Scarlett do business with the Yankees?
(a) To make money
(b) She doesn't want to hurt Frank's feelings
(c) She's forced to by the military
(d) To repair relationships with the North

6. What does Scarlett give Pork?
(a) Gerald's watch
(b) Gerald's eyeglasses
(c) Gerald's horse
(d) Gerald's sword

7. How did Gerald die?
(a) Drowning
(b) Heart attack
(c) He was thrown off a horse
(d) Gun shot

8. What does Bonnie lack?
(a) Money
(b) Beauty
(c) Love
(d) Discipline

9. Melanie leaves Scarlett's party when who arrives?
(a) Rhett
(b) The Yankee commander
(c) Johnnie
(d) The Republican governor

10. Who attempts to visit Belle to thank her for giving Ashley an alibi?
(a) Ashley
(b) Beau
(c) Melanie
(d) Aunt Pitty

11. How does Rhett change toward Scarlett when she returns to Atlanta?
(a) He follows her everywhere
(b) He tries to make up for the miscarriage
(c) He becomes indifferent to her
(d) He dotes on her

12. Where do Scarlett and Rhett go?
(a) Savannah
(b) New York
(c) Washington D.C.
(d) New Orleans

13. Who does Will Benteen want to marry?
(a) Melanie
(b) Abigail
(c) Scarlett
(d) Suellen

14. Who shows up at Frank and Scarlett's?
(a) Big Sam
(b) Tony Fontaine
(c) Ashley Wilkes
(d) Rhett Butler

15. Why does Rhett give Melanie money?
(a) So she will care for Wade and Ella
(b) So Ashley can buy the mill
(c) She's becoming his mistress
(d) To ensure her silence

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Scarlett decide to do in order to save Tara?

2. What does Scarlett decide because she's been forced to hire Johnnie?

3. Who does Rhett take with him to New Orleans?

4. Scarlett would rather have Tara, money, and food on her table than what?

5. What does Rhett want for Bonnie?

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