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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Scarlett decide she must do to save Tara?
(a) Beg Aunt Pittypat for money
(b) Get a job in Atlanta
(c) Marry a Yankee
(d) Become Rhett's mistress

2. What does Ashley place in Scarlett's hand?
(a) A picture of the two of them
(b) A bank note
(c) Red dirt
(d) A diamond ring

3. Who proposes to Scarlett in chapter 6?
(a) Stuart Tarleton
(b) Ashley Wilkes
(c) Charles Hamilton
(d) Rhett Butler

4. Who remains with Scarlett to face the Yankees?
(a) Melanie
(b) Ashley
(c) Gerald
(d) Prissy

5. What adjective best describes the birth of Melanie's baby?
(a) Difficult
(b) Glorious
(c) Fast
(d) Easy

6. What does Ashley ask of Scarlett while he is home?
(a) To leave him and Melanie alone
(b) To go back home to Tara
(c) To look after Melanie if anything happens to him
(d) To marry Rhett

7. What does Ellen want Scarlett to do?
(a) Help the wounded at the hospital
(b) Stay with Melanie
(c) Return to Tara
(d) Convince Gerald to stay home

8. After the Yankees left, what does Scarlett dream about every night?
(a) Rhett dying
(b) The fire
(c) A thick fog
(d) Ashley

9. Rhett says that the Yankees won't rape Scarlett because of what reason?
(a) Rhett will protect her
(b) The Yankees won't make it into Atlanta
(c) They are not savages
(d) Scarlett is too much for them

10. What does Scarlett see in the sky that tells her the Yankees are getting close?
(a) Bullets
(b) A balloon
(c) Fire
(d) A bird

11. Why are Scarlett and Melanie horrified when Cathleen Calvert tells them that she's going to marry?
(a) Cathleen in pregnant
(b) Cathleen isn't observing proper mourning time
(c) Cathleen is already married
(d) Cathleen is marrying a Yankee

12. Who does Scarlett kill?
(a) Pork
(b) A Confederate deserter
(c) Melanie
(d) A Yankee

13. Why are Scarlett and Melanie sad after the war ends?
(a) Rhett hasn't come back
(b) They have to sell Tara
(c) They can't help the wounded
(d) There's been no word from Ashley

14. Scarlett has Mammy make a dress for her out of what?
(a) Cotton
(b) Velvet curtains
(c) Old tablecloths
(d) A dress of Ellen's

15. What does Rhett return to Melanie?
(a) Her handkerchief
(b) Ashley's horse
(c) A coin
(d) Her wedding ring

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Rhett's popularity end?

2. Where does Scarlett go to find food?

3. With what have Scarlett's slippers been repaired?

4. Scarlett goes to visit Uncle Peter and Aunt Pittypat in which city?

5. Gerald tells Scarlett that what is the only thing that matters?

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