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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 24 | Chapter 25.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is all that is left for Scarlett as she handles the plantation?
(a) Her loyalty to her family
(b) Her tie to the land
(c) Her love for Wade
(d) The memory of her mother

2. Who overhears Scarlett and Ashley's conversation?
(a) Stuart Tarleton
(b) Rhett Butler
(c) Charles Hamilton
(d) Able Wynder

3. What have the Yankees done to Tara?
(a) Raided it
(b) Burned it to the ground
(c) Painted it red
(d) Killed the slaves

4. What is the Confederacy doing as Melanie prepares to give birth?
(a) Preparing to ambush the Union soldiers
(b) Giving a ball
(c) Leaving Atlanta
(d) Preparing to surrender

5. When does Rhett say he will kiss Scarlett?
(a) When she gets Ashley out of her head
(b) When Scarlett begs him to
(c) At the Christmas ball
(d) When the war is over

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Gerald tell Scarlett when they arrive at Tara?

2. What does Rhett refer to Melanie as?

3. Gerald tells Scarlett that what is the only thing that matters?

4. Why is Belle Watling scandalous?

5. Scarlett goes to visit Uncle Peter and Aunt Pittypat in which city?

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