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Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast Scarlett and Melanie. How does Mitchell illustrate the Old and New South through these two women?

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast Ashley Wilkes with Rhett Butler. How does each of these men represent the South?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Mitchell's portrayal of the American Civil War. Do you think that her presentation is accurate? Do you think she glorifies the war or shows war's negative consequences?

Essay Topic 4

How does Scarlett represent the South in the novel? How do the narratives of Scarlett and the South parallel each other through the novel? What message could the reader take from this similarity?

Essay Topic 5

Scarlett faced a great deal of criticism from other characters in the novel. Why did Scarlett receive such negative reactions from Atlanta society and those around her? Do you think these reactions were justified? Do you think Scarlett was a bad...

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