Gone with the Wind Character Descriptions

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An ex-convict and former Confederate soldier who has one leg.

Will Benteen

A former Confederate soldier, he is on his way home from the war when his comrade leaves him at Tara because he's fallen ill with pneumonia.

Bonnie Butler

She dies tragically at the age of four when she is thrown from her pony.

Rhett Butler

His cynicism and pragmatism concerning the Civil War lead him to become a blockade runner instead of a soldier, an occupation that makes him rich.

Cathy Calvert

She is forced to marry a family overseer after her family loses everything.


She is an O'Hara slave, along with her husband and daughter.

Hugh Elsing

He is the unsuccessful manager of one of the mills.

Mrs. Elsing

She is one of Atlanta society's most upstanding old ladies.

Grandma Fontaine

A shrewd old lady, she gives advice about surviving difficult times.

Johnnie Gallegher

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