Goldfinger Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How did Bond kill the Mexican drug courier?

A drug smuggler called Blackwell ordered his Mexican courier to track down and kill Bond. The Mexican approached Bond on a deserted street and pulled out a knife. Bond pulled out out his own knife and stabbed him to death.

2. How did Bond break up the heroin smuggling ring?

Posing as a potential buyer from London, Bond learned how Blackwell was using his fertilizer company as a front to process heroin. Bond blew up Blackwell's factory and then phoned him to warn him not to smuggle any heroin into Britain.

3. Why does Bond want to stay an extra night in Miami?

Bond's plane is delayed and he toys with the idea of staying an extra day in Miami to get drunk. He thinks he deserves the time off because he has just completed a particularly stressful assignment.

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