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Reflections in a Double Bourbon

• James Bond sits in the Miami airport waiting for a flight to New York.

• Bond reflects on his previous mission when he killed a Mexican heroin dealer.
• A voice announces that Bond's flight to New York has been delayed until the next morning.

• Bond decides to stay in Miami and get very drunk.

• A middle-aged man approaches Bond and addresses him by his name.

Living it Up

• The man's name is Junius Du Pont, a wealthy American. Du Pont invites Bond for a drink.

• Du Pont asks Bond to help him and in return offers Bond a room at his hotel in Miami. Bond accepts.

• Over dinner, Du Pont tells Bond that he has lost $25,000 playing Canasta, however, he thinks his opponent cheated.
• Du Pont tells Bond his card opponent was a man called Auric Golfinger. Goldfinger is a wealthy man and keeps...

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