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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Lorna's job?

2. What does Joe give to his father before leaving for the train station?

3. According to Roxy, Joe fights as though ______________________.

4. What does Tom tell Roxy?

5. Who is Frank?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the author show the greedy, callous nature of Joe's handlers?

2. Explain the reason for Lorna's agitated state.

3. How do the sports writers, Drake and Lewis, represent the two sides of public sentiment for people who achieve wealth and the American Dream?

4. As opposed to the handlers who just want the money that Joe can generate, Lorna sees Joe as a "golden boy" in a different way. How is Joe a "golden boy" for Lorna?

5. What is the setting for Act 1, Scene 1 and which two characters open the play?

6. How does Joe respond to Tokio's advice to forget about Lorna?

7. Describe the encounter between Joe and Lorna after Joe learns that she is marrying Moody in a few days.

8. How is Lorna's life shown to be in stark contrast to the environment in which Joe grew up?

9. What is the irony of Moody quoting from the Declaration of Independence?

10. What are Joe's feelings about Fuseli being part owner of his career?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

There is much hypocrisy throughout the novel. Identify three situations of hypocritical behavior and what makes them prime examples of hypocrisy. Which characters are the most hypocritical? The least?

Essay Topic 2

Describe some of the settings for the play. What is the overall setting? Be sure to include geography, time period and any pertinent popular culture events. Why did Odets choose to use these places in the drama?

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast Mr. Bonaparte and Moody. Both men want influence over Joe but have their hold on him in very different ways. Why are their differences classic examples of conflict in drama? What other similarities and dissimilarities are there between the two characters?

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