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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Eddie call Joe?
(a) The goose that laid the golden egg.
(b) The Golden Boy.
(c) Joe the Jolt.
(d) Champ.

2. Roxy states that after tonight, Joe ______________________.
(a) Will want to schedule more fights.
(b) Will be worth a fortune.
(c) Will not be able to fight again.
(d) Will not want to fight again.

3. Which of Joe's family members are at the fight?
(a) Mr. Bonaparte and Anna.
(b) Mr. Bonaparte and Siggie.
(c) Siggie and Anna.
(d) Mr. and Mrs. Bonaparte.

4. What is the setting for Act 2, Scene 2?
(a) A park bench.
(b) A bowling alley.
(c) A library.
(d) A grocery.

5. Joe tells Lorna that sometimes he awakens and senses something _________________.
(a) Over his head.
(b) Under the bed.
(c) Outside the window.
(d) At the foot of his bed.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why are all the people gathered at the Bonaparte home?

2. Lorna says that looking at Joe is like _____________________.

3. What does Lorna bring into the locker room?

4. What does the ring official want to see after the fight?

5. What do Joe and Lorna fight about?

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