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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is not what Joe's car represents to him?
(a) Real freedom.
(b) Real happiness.
(c) Real power.
(d) Real high maintenance.

2. What does Joe tell the reporters to do?
(a) Write something good about him for a change.
(b) Leave him alone.
(c) Be sure to get a good photo of him for the story.
(d) Pick the round when they want him to knock out his opponent.

3. Which of the following does Mr. Bonaparte not say before leaving the locker room?
(a) He wishes Joe good luck.
(b) He is ashamed of Joe.
(c) He gives Joe the word that fighting is OK.
(d) He understands Joe's wish for fame and fortune.

4. Moody catches Lorna telling a lie about _______________________.
(a) Having been married before.
(b) Loving him.
(c) Seeing Joe last night.
(d) Going to work.

5. What does Moody do after Joe gets into an argument with Drake?
(a) Kicks Drake out of the locker room.
(b) Punches Drake out.
(c) Takes Drake out for a drink.
(d) Makes Joe apologize.

6. Lorna says that looking at Joe is like _____________________.
(a) A cold shower.
(b) A rush of love.
(c) Staring at death.
(d) Looking in the face of a killer.

7. How does Joe feel about seeing the reporters before a fight?
(a) It makes him nervous.
(b) It intimidates him.
(c) It frightens him.
(d) It energizes him.

8. Why is Frank wearing a bandage?
(a) He was in a union strikers' fight.
(b) He fell down the steps.
(c) He had surgery.
(d) He got mugged.

9. What do Eddie and Mr. Bonaparte fight about?
(a) Joe's need for some time off.
(b) Who is going to pick up the bar tab.
(c) Whether Joe should continue in boxing.
(d) Eddie's abusive behavior when drunk.

10. Lorna feels an obligation to Moody because he _________________________.
(a) Gave her a job.
(b) Got a divorce because of her.
(c) Helped her when she was down and out.
(d) Promised to marry her.

11. Who is the fighter who will oppose Joe in his upcoming fight?
(a) The Chocolate Chip.
(b) The Chocolate Drip.
(c) The Chocolate Drop.
(d) The Chocolate Shake.

12. Which boxer is being rubbed down by his trainer?
(a) Salt Black.
(b) Pepper White.
(c) Marvelous Marvin.
(d) Hulk Hannigan.

13. Where has Moody taken Joe that makes Eddie mad?
(a) A strip club.
(b) A bar.
(c) A meeting with reporters.
(d) A new car showroom.

14. Joe tells Lorna that not only has he killed a man, _______________________.
(a) He's abandoned his children.
(b) He's committed armed robbery.
(c) He's killed himself.
(d) He's beaten his wife.

15. What does Lewis ask Moody about?
(a) Joe's winning streak.
(b) The fight schedule.
(c) The publicity program.
(d) His wedding plans.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Moody offer to Siggie?

2. Lorna convinces Joe that he still has ______________.

3. What does Mr. Bonaparte tell Frank after the phone call?

4. Which of the following sounds is not heard at the beginning of Act 3, Scene 2?

5. What does Moody finally realize tonight?

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