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Act 1, Scene 1

• The scene opens in the office of small time boxing manager, Tom Moody.

• Moody argues with his girlfriend, Lorna, who wants Tom to leave his wife and marry her.

• Moody tries to tell Lorna that his wife wants a large sum of money to divorce and he needs a good boxer to bring in some revenue.

• A boy arrives with the news that Moody's fighter, Kaplan, broke his hand in a sparring match and can't fight tonight.

• The boy just happens to be Kaplan's sparring partner and offers to fight in Kaplan's place.

• The boy, Joe Bonaparte, promises to surprise Moody with his skill.

Act 1, Scene 2

• The scene opens in the lower middle class home of the Bonaparte family and Joe's father sits with his friend, Mr. Carp, reading the paper.

• Bonaparte's son-in-law, Siggie, asks him to buy him a cab so he can make money...

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