The Golden Notebook Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why is the structure of this novel described as complex?

The structure of this novel is described as complex because it is intended to mimic the complexity of the life of the main character, Anna. Although complex, the form is actually an attempt by Anna to simplify and compartmentalize what she sees as disorder and chaos in her world.

2. In Free Women: 1, why is Richard worried about Tommy?

Richard is worried that Tommy, his son by Molly, spends too much time brooding. He wants the twenty-year-old boy to become involved in his business, a move that Tommy refuses.

3. What is happening between Richard and Marion in Free Women: 1?

Richard is apparently unhappy because his sex life with Marion is unfulfilling and he has been having affairs for nearly thirteen years. When she has an affair and her lover wants to marry her, Richard is angry.

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