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Free Women

This is the frame story of the novel "The Golden Notebook".

The Black Notebook

This object is where Anna keeps a record of her memories of her time in Africa.

Frontiers of War

This object is the best selling novel written by Anna about her experiences in Africa.

The Gainsborough Hotel

This place is a boarding house in which Anna and her friends stayed while in Africa.

The Red Notebook

This object is where Anna's experiences in the British Communist Party are detailed.

The Yellow Notebook

This object contains the beginnings of a manuscript for a novel which closely mirrors Anna's own life.

The Shadow of the Third

This title is the beginnings of a novel based on the experience of Anna's broken affair with Michael.

The Blue Notebook

This object is where Anna keeps a journal of her day-to-day activities.

A Peasant Wooden Vase from Russia

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