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Your Notebooks

Bring a small notebook in each color used in the novel (golden, black, etc) and keep a journal much like Anna did about her life in each of the notebooks.

Doris Lessing

Online or in the library, study the author's biography of this novel. How does her life relate to Anna's? Be prepared to give your thoughts to the class.

The Communist Revolution

Online or in the library, study the Communist Party during the time that the book is based on. What was happening politically at this time? Who ruled the government?

The Rosenbergs

Online or in the library, research the Rosenbergs referenced in 'Red Notebook'. What happened to them and how was the Communist Party involved?

Question and Answer

Pretend you are Dr. West and find a partner to be a reader writing in a question to Ella's magazine. Have your partner come up with...

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