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Free Women: 1

• The novel opens and the reader discovers its structure is complex, which is meant to mimic the life of the main character, Anna.
• Anna visits her friend Molly whom she hasn't seen in a while, and we also meet Richard, Molly's former husband who is unhappy with their son and his new lover.

Black Notebook

• In this black notebook, Anna writes about her novel "Frontiers of War".
• Her readers misunderstand her tongue-in-cheek style and filmmakers want to change the story, so overall Anna is unhappy with how this turns out.
• Anna has interest in her novels, but each company has problems with the racial themes and extra-marital affairs in her novel.
• Anna becomes disillusioned with her novel.
• Anna is growing disillusioned with writing and strays from the pieces she once felt strongly about.

• Anna publishes a journal that she made up.

• She also changes her novel...

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