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Wilbur Smith
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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Ramon feel after the slaughter of innocent lives in Ethiopia?

2. When the terrorists shoot at the scouts, as soon as they touch the ground, how many scouts are wounded?

3. In which of the following cities does Elsa live?

4. The safety of South Africa for an entire year costs the same amount as how many air-to-air missiles?

5. What type of small fish does Shasa typically use as bait while fishing?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Shasa react when the marlin is finally caught?

2. How does Nicky react to his time in Tercio?

3. Why doesn't Elsa shoot the leopard she and Shasa had been tracking for a few days?

4. How does Ramon treat Nicky during the time the boy spends in Tercio?

5. How does Shasa find out the truth about Bella's spying, and what is his reaction?

6. What is Operation Skylight?

7. How do Nicky and Bella enjoy their time together in Tercio?

8. How does the Courtney family organize getting ready to rescue Nicky?

9. What causes Bella to sit up and object during her family meeting about Cyndex?

10. Who is Aman Andom, and what happens to him?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Spanish government takes a strong stance on torture when executing Operation Red Rose. First, describe the Spanish government's stance on torture and give at least two examples from the text when this stance on torture is exercised. Then, describe how governmental torture affects Bella's life and her relationship with her family. Based on these examples, what message do you think the author is trying to give the reader about torture as a method of obtaining information from an enemy?

Essay Topic 2

Sean has been a daredevil and loved any activity that involves danger. First, describe the way Sean lived his daredevil life when he was growing up and what the effects of this life were on his relationship with his family. Then, choose at least one of Sean's daredevil activities that he explores as an adult and describe it. How do Sean's daredevil skills eventually prove to be beneficial to the unity of his family?

Essay Topic 3

Even though Bella struggles for many years to keep her spying a secret from her family and government, she is eventually found out. First, describe the ways that Bella tried to hide her motivation from her family and the repercussions for this sneaking around. Then, describe the way the truth about Bella's spying was finally revealed. What was her family's reaction when the truth came out? How did Bella feel knowing that everyone knew her secrets? What was the final effect of the spying on Bella's relationship with her family?

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