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Wilbur Smith
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Short Answer Questions

1. How does the governmental organization Ramon works for react to his actions toward Isabella at the concert?

2. Where does Ramon fly to after having dinner with his secretary and her parents?

3. What type of trap is Ramon setting up for Isabella?

4. How long after Isabella arrives at the horse stables does Ramon arrive to follow her?

5. What is the name of the man that Ramon offers to introduce to Michael while he is visiting Bella?

Short Essay Questions

1. What video does Bella see of her son being tortured?

2. How does Ramon perform at the marksmanship competition in Spain?

3. How does Bella become pregnant, and what is her reaction to the news?

4. What happens at the Mick Jagger concert that could have harmed Isabella?

5. How does Ramon treat Bella when he arrives at the party where she is not expecting him?

6. Who is Adra and what jobs does she perform for Bella?

7. What shocking situation does Bella walk in on when Ramon frantically phones for her to come meet him at his apartment?

8. Why does Centaine give her diamond necklace to Holly?

9. How does Centaine feel about the lives her grandchildren have chosen for themselves?

10. Who is Oliver Kendrick?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Spain becomes an important setting in the lies that Ramon weaves around Bella. First, describe the setting of Spain as Bella remembers it during her many visits to the country. Then, explain how Ramon uses the setting of Spain to help fill in the holes in his lies. What work does Bella believe Ramon does in Spain? What details does Ramon weave into his daily life with Bella to help make his Spanish lies more believable? How does the Spanish language affect the relationship between Ramon and his wife?

Essay Topic 2

The Spanish government takes a strong stance on torture when executing Operation Red Rose. First, describe the Spanish government's stance on torture and give at least two examples from the text when this stance on torture is exercised. Then, describe how governmental torture affects Bella's life and her relationship with her family. Based on these examples, what message do you think the author is trying to give the reader about torture as a method of obtaining information from an enemy?

Essay Topic 3

Sean has been a daredevil and loved any activity that involves danger. First, describe the way Sean lived his daredevil life when he was growing up and what the effects of this life were on his relationship with his family. Then, choose at least one of Sean's daredevil activities that he explores as an adult and describe it. How do Sean's daredevil skills eventually prove to be beneficial to the unity of his family?

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