Golden Fox Short Essay - Answer Key

Wilbur Smith
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1. How does Isabella Courtney gain political power and influence?

Isabella Courtney is the wealthy, spoiled daughter of Shasa Courtney, a very politically influential man. Isabella is an only child, so she is used to getting her way. She manipulates everyone around her using her status, her wealth, and her good looks to get whatever she wants, be it personal or political. She enjoys manipulating others and does not feel badly about it.

2. What is Operation Red Rose?

Operation Red Rose is an operation put together by the KGB to create a honey trap that will lure Isabella Courtney into the arms of Ramon Machado, one of their best agents. The KGB is interested in gleaning political information from Isabella after she falls in love with their spy, Ramon. Even though the organization has a very strict idea of how Ramon should run the operation, he has his own ideas. He wants to lure Isabella to him rather than chase her.

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