Objects & Places from Golden Fox

Wilbur Smith
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This is the Ambassador's residence in Chelsea.


This is the Courtney family home at the Cape of Good Hope.


This is the largest industrial undertaking that has ever taken place on the continent of Africa.


This is the first place Ramon invites Bella to for the weekend where he wins the pigeon shooting competition.

Sierra Nevada

This is the site where Ramon's family castle is in Granada. It is now in disrepair and in the hands of the state.


This is the Spanish city that Ramon takes Bella to when her pregnancy is nearing its term.

Amber Joy

This is the yellow Labrador retriever handled by Bunty Charles. Centaine Courtney hopes the retriever will take the cup in competition.

Mason's Agency

This is the name of a contact at Blushing Lane that Bella is to use only in an emergency.

Golden City Mail

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