Golden Fox Character Descriptions

Wilbur Smith
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Isabella Courtney

This character is very good looking and uses that trait to influence others. This character is romantic at heart but still has the spoiled attitude of a child who has always been indulged.

Ramon de Santiago y Machado

This character is handsome, can shoot, ride, sing, dance, and has a close relationship with Fidel Castro.

Shasa Courtney

This character is shrewd about business and wears an eye patch over one eye.

Sean Courtney

This character had a wild childhood and many run-ins with the law before becoming a soldier who was decorated with the Silver Cross for bravery in Rhodesia's bush war.

Garrick Courtney

This character is an asthmatic who is nearsighted and wears thick, horn-rimmed glasses.

Michael Courtney

This character is a homosexual, a fact that is kept secret from family. The character is a thoughtful, sweet, and gentle writer.

Comrade Director Joe Cicero


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