Golden Fox Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Wilbur Smith
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Section 1, Pages 7 - 42

• The novel opens with the introduction of Isabella Courtney, a wealthy and well-loved socialite, who is known to make decorations of her friends because she is all the eye can follow at a party. Isabella is used to manipulating people to get her way and is always shocked if she meets someone who doesn't instantly fall in love with her.

• Another character, Ramon Machado, who is known by his associates as the Golden Fox, is also introduced. He is working for a governmental agency hoping to lure Isabella to their side to gain political information. He is setting up what has been called a "honey trap."

• At a Mick Jagger concert, Isabella tries to get into a restricted area and is nearly assaulted by a security guard. Ramon comes to Isabella's rescue and subdues her attacker. She requests that Ramon escort her to the ladies'...

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