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Short Answer Questions

1. When Lyra and friends sneak off during a fire drill at Bolvangar, what do they find?

2. In the fight between Iorek and Iofur, Iorek is soon injured where?

3. When the kidnappers take Lyra to the Bolvangar, who pays them?

4. In Chapter 16, who saves Lyra from being separated from her daemon?

5. After the bears capture Lyra, they throw her into a

Short Essay Questions

1. Lyra is traveling in Scoresby's balloon. When Lyra asks Serafina about the future of Lord Asriel, what does the witch, who is flying next to the balloon, explain?

2. When Lyra is imprisoned by the armored bears, she reads her alethiometer with help from Pan, who transforms himself into a firefly. What information does the alethiometer reveal?

3. Describe the prison where Lord Asriel is kept in the North.

4. When Lyra and the Gyptians are attacked by surprise in the North, Lyra is abducted. Who takes her, and where do they go?

5. Why does Iorek take Lyra to the village near the Bolvangar?

6. In what ways is the Bolvangar similar to a school?

7. What happens after Lyra learns that Tony Makarios, the daemonless child she retrieves, is dead?

8. While Lyra is imprisoned in the armored bears' palace, what does she learn about the king bear from a fellow prisoner?

9. At the Bolvangar, how does Lyra contact Roger without attracting attention?

10. Which characters serve as Lyra's motherly and fatherly figures?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Despite the starkness of the story, there are instances where the reader feels a deep sense of warmth and comfort experienced by Lyra. Cite three examples of Lyra---and the reader---feeling safe and secure. Why does Pullman include these scenes in The Golden Compass? How do they benefit or enhance the story?

Essay Topic 2

Even though Lyra lives in a dangerous world with many secrets, lies, and backstabbing, the idealism and hopefulness associated with childhood often shine through her. Summarize three cases where Lyra's youthful outlook serves as a bright light in a dark world.

Essay Topic 3

Explain what a daemon signifies to a person. What aspect of the person does his or her daemon represent? Why do you think the author chose, in most cases, to give a daemon the opposite gender of its person?

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