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Short Answer Questions

1. The gentleman who pays for Lyra's items at the food stall offers her something she refuses. What does he offer her?

2. Who take Lyra away after two men unsuccessfully try to abduct her?

3. In Chapter 2, when the Master enters the Retiring Room, Lyra notices that he immediately looks at the

4. What is the name of Lyra's daemon?

5. What happened after Lord Asriel knocked the gun out of Mr. Coulter's hand?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Lord Asriel's reaction when Lyra bolts out of the wardrobe in the Retiring Room.

2. In her hiding place in the Retiring Room, Lyra eventually falls asleep. What does Lord Asriel talk about with Lyra after he wakes her up?

3. On the narrow boat, how do the Gyptians keep Lyra safe from the searching police?

4. What does Lyra learn about eating liver when she dines with Mrs. Coulter at the Royal Arctic Institute?

5. What do John Faa and Farder Coram explain to Lyra about her parents?

6. Describe some of the objects Lyra is shown at the library of the Royal Arctic Institute.

7. While Lyra travels on the narrow boat with the Gyptians, what type of work does she do for Ma Costa and the others?

8. How does Lord Asriel convey power, one of the book's central themes?

9. What happens to the men who try to abduct Lyra after she and Pan run away from Mrs. Coulter? What happens to their daemons?

10. How does Lyra feel after learning that Mrs. Coulter is her mother?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain ways in which the children use their innocence and goodness to outsmart the conniving, heartless adults. What message is the author trying to convey through these examples?

Essay Topic 2

Analyze how the war games Lyra plays with Roger and the other children early in the story prepare her for the challenges she later faces in real battle. Cite examples.

Essay Topic 3

1. Analyze the author's choice of an Arctic setting to magnify the severity of what is being done to the children and their daemons.

2. Compare and contrast Lyra's real world with what she glimpses in the portals to other dimensions.

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