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Short Answer Questions

1. What important skill does Lyra learn from Jerry the seaman?

2. What does Lyra call her daemon affectionately?

3. While learning about electrons, Lyra tells Mrs. Coulter that these particles are

4. When Faa and Coram speak to Lyra, why is she frightened at first?

5. When Lyra refuses Mrs. Coulter's request and insists on wearing the banned item to the cocktail party, what happens to her daemon?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do John Faa and Farder Coram explain to Lyra about her parents?

2. Describe how Mrs. Coulter manages to convince Lyra not to wear her white handbag to the cocktail party.

3. What happens to the men who try to abduct Lyra after she and Pan run away from Mrs. Coulter? What happens to their daemons?

4. On the narrow boat, how do the Gyptians keep Lyra safe from the searching police?

5. Describe Jordan College.

6. In her hiding place in the Retiring Room, Lyra eventually falls asleep. What does Lord Asriel talk about with Lyra after he wakes her up?

7. What is the Bolvangar?

8. Tony tells Lyra that the North is a dangerous location plagued by Nalkainens, Windsuckers, and Breathless Ones. Describe what these are, according to Tony.

9. Lord Asriel is describing to a group of Scholars the expedition he just took to the North. What were the goals of that expedition?

10. Why does the Master want to see Lyra before she leaves the college with Mrs. Coulter?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze how the war games Lyra plays with Roger and the other children early in the story prepare her for the challenges she later faces in real battle. Cite examples.

Essay Topic 2

Despite the starkness of the story, there are instances where the reader feels a deep sense of warmth and comfort experienced by Lyra. Cite three examples of Lyra---and the reader---feeling safe and secure. Why does Pullman include these scenes in The Golden Compass? How do they benefit or enhance the story?

Essay Topic 3

A child's daemon changes while an adult's daemon has settled on a form.

1. Discuss the need to have a child's daemon remain changeable. Why is this important? How does this changeability benefit a child?

2. Discuss the pros and cons of having a daemon eventually take on one form exclusively.

3. Choose three adults' daemons and explain how each daemon complements and completes the person.

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