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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lyra's new friend, a seaman named Jerry, tell her is a good cure for seasickness?
(a) Staring into the horizon.
(b) Eating crackers.
(c) Humming.
(d) Hard work.

2. When Lyra bolts out of her hiding place in the Retiring Room to save Lord Asriel, what happens to the glass he is about to drink from?
(a) It falls to the floor and shatters.
(b) Lyra dumps its contents into the sink.
(c) Lyra takes it and smashes it against the wall.
(d) It spills caustic liquid all over his suit.

3. Lyra believes her parents died in an airship accident, but what do Faa and Coram reveal to her about her father?
(a) He is hiding in South America.
(b) He is Lord Asriel.
(c) He is the Master.
(d) He lives in India.

4. To conceal Lyra from the daemons of the police who are searching for her, the Costas hide her in their boat in a secret compartment made of what?
(a) Cast iron.
(b) Cherry wood.
(c) Stainless steel.
(d) Cedarwood.

5. Iorek Byrnison is
(a) A Gobbler.
(b) A flightless witch.
(c) A Gyptian.
(d) An armored bear.

Short Answer Questions

1. Farder Coram is a

2. Who is the king of the Gyptians?

3. What is a photogram?

4. While riding on the zeppelin with Mrs. Coulter, Lyra feels what?

5. When Lyra reluctantly gives Mrs. Coulter a kiss on the cheek, what does she smell on the woman's skin?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does John Faa respond to the Gyptians when they want revenge against the Gobblers?

2. How does Mrs. Coulter react when Lyra first mentions Dust to her while making a comparison to electron particles?

3. How does Lyra feel after learning that Mrs. Coulter is her mother?

4. Describe Jordan College.

5. Why is Lyra excited about leaving the college and going with Mrs. Coulter?

6. On the boat ride, what does Tony tell Lyra about armored bears?

7. Describe how Mrs. Coulter manages to convince Lyra not to wear her white handbag to the cocktail party.

8. What happens to the journalist at Mrs. Coulter's cocktail party?

9. Tony tells Lyra that the North is a dangerous location plagued by Nalkainens, Windsuckers, and Breathless Ones. Describe what these are, according to Tony.

10. Lord Asriel is describing to a group of Scholars the expedition he just took to the North. What were the goals of that expedition?

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