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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Lyra sees hundreds of tiny black objects up in the sky, Iorek tells her they are
(a) Dust particles.
(b) Gobblers.
(c) Anti-matter particles.
(d) Witches.

2. Iorek was exiled from Svalbard for what?
(a) Losing an important battle.
(b) Killing a bear.
(c) Losing his armor.
(d) Insulting the leader.

3. After consulting her alethiometer while imprisoned by the bears, Lyra learns that someone is coming to rescue her. Who?
(a) Serafina.
(b) Mrs. Coulter.
(c) Lord Asriel.
(d) Iorek.

4. When Lyra meets the bear king, she notices that he has a doll that resembles whom?
(a) Ma Costa.
(b) Mrs. Coulter.
(c) Lyra.
(d) Serafina.

5. What does Iofur do after noticing Iorek's injury suffered in battle?
(a) Gets him medical attention.
(b) Defeats him.
(c) Allows him to rest a minute.
(d) Taunts him.

6. As the new king of the bears, what does Iorek Byrnison order regarding human prisoners?
(a) Their release.
(b) That they be banished.
(c) Their execution.
(d) That they be given fair trials.

7. While pursuing Lord Asriel, Lyra and Iorek reach a bridge where they are forced to
(a) Consult the alethiometer.
(b) Separate.
(c) Admit defeat.
(d) Retreat.

8. What does Mrs. Coulter determine resulted in the escape of the daemons from the Bolvangar?
(a) An outside force.
(b) Sleeping guards.
(c) The daemons' cunning.
(d) A witch's spell.

9. After being awakened by Thorold at Lord Asriel's house, Lyra learns that Asriel has taken
(a) Her alethiometer.
(b) Her daemon.
(c) Iorek.
(d) Roger.

10. After Tony dies, Lyra discovers that his fish had been taken by
(a) A Tartar to feed his sick friend.
(b) A child to feed his younger siblings.
(c) A polar bear to feed her cubs.
(d) A Gyptian to feed his dogs.

11. When the alethiometer tells Lyra that there is a ghost in a village near the Bolvangar, she thinks the ghost may be that of a
(a) Guard killed in action.
(b) Missing child.
(c) Gobbler.
(d) Scholar.

12. At Lord Asriel's elegant home, Roger is sent to bed while Lyra is
(a) Questioned thoroughly about her alethiometer.
(b) Given dessert.
(c) Told to meet with Lord Asriel.
(d) Asked to help prepare dinner.

13. After the bears capture Lyra, they throw her into a
(a) Dark cell.
(b) Slippery pit.
(c) Deep canyon.
(d) Narrow crevice.

14. How does Lyra create a distraction at the Bolvangar during a fire drill?
(a) Releases the guard dogs.
(b) Starts a giant snowball fight.
(c) Attacks a polar bear guard.
(d) Gets daemons to pretend they are fighting.

15. How does Lyra create an explosion in the compound's kitchen when she escapes from Mrs. Coulter?
(a) Using oil and vinegar.
(b) Using vinegar and baking soda.
(c) With a burner and flour.
(d) With a burner and oil.

Short Answer Questions

1. Serafina tells Lyra that she is in love with whom?

2. Lord Asriel tells Lyra that the Magisterium decided that Dust was the result of what?

3. Lyra and Iorek follow Lord Asriel's sledge tracks but stop at a bridge. Why?

4. When the children escape the compound, how do they attack the Tartar guards?

5. At the Bolvangar, what lie does Mrs. Coulter tell Lyra about Dust?

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