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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From her hiding place in the Bolvangar, Lyra hears Mrs. Coulter talk about a new separating machine with a blade made of
(a) Lead and copper.
(b) Manganese and titanium.
(c) Aluminum and cobalt.
(d) Gold and silver.

2. After Tony dies, Lyra discovers that his fish had been taken by
(a) A Gyptian to feed his dogs.
(b) A Tartar to feed his sick friend.
(c) A child to feed his younger siblings.
(d) A polar bear to feed her cubs.

3. When Lyra asks Serafina about the future of Lord Asriel, she tells the girl that Asriel will not return to the college because
(a) The Scholars have forbidden him from returning.
(b) There is work to be done in other worlds.
(c) The Scholars have betrayed him.
(d) There is a good chance he will not live long enough to return.

4. What does Mrs. Coulter determine resulted in the escape of the daemons from the Bolvangar?
(a) A witch's spell.
(b) An outside force.
(c) The daemons' cunning.
(d) Sleeping guards.

5. Who is Iofur Rakinson?
(a) Leader of the Tartars.
(b) King of the bears.
(c) Servant of Lord Asriel.
(d) Mentor of John Faa.

6. Serafina tells Lyra that the Oblation Board is funded by the
(a) Church.
(b) Gobblers.
(c) Tartars.
(d) Foundation.

7. At the Bolvangar, Lyra asks about the battle. She is told that it
(a) Is none of her concern.
(b) Already ended, and the Gyptians won.
(c) Was just a bad nightmare she had.
(d) Is a silly thing grownups like to engage in.

8. How does Lyra create an explosion in the compound's kitchen when she escapes from Mrs. Coulter?
(a) With a burner and flour.
(b) Using oil and vinegar.
(c) Using vinegar and baking soda.
(d) With a burner and oil.

9. At the canteen in the Bolvangar, Lyra drops a handkerchief when passing by her friend and manages to convey to him that they
(a) Must pretend they do not know each other.
(b) Need to talk to Mrs. Coulter immediately.
(c) Should not talk to the other children.
(d) Must overtake the adults the first chance they get.

10. At the Bolvangar, what lie does Mrs. Coulter tell Lyra about Dust?
(a) She really does not know anything about it.
(b) It is harvested for its mind-strengthening properties.
(c) It is used to cure diseases in children.
(d) It is evil and can infect daemons.

11. As Lyra and the bears hurry along on their mission, they are stopped first by witches and then by
(a) Gyptian fighters who try to take Lyra back.
(b) Tartar soldiers and their warrior daemons.
(c) Lord Asriel and his powerful army.
(d) Mrs. Coulter's zeppelin firing upon them.

12. After the bears capture Lyra, they throw her into a
(a) Narrow crevice.
(b) Dark cell.
(c) Deep canyon.
(d) Slippery pit.

13. At the Bolvangar, when Mrs. Coulter asks Lyra about the girl's disappearance in London, what story does Lyra fabricate?
(a) Lord Asriel told her she was in danger and then took her away.
(b) The last thing she remembers was falling into a canal.
(c) A couple took her, and then Gobblers captured her.
(d) The police kidnapped and imprisoned her for weeks.

14. What does Lyra learn about the ages of witches?
(a) They live hundreds of years.
(b) A human year is equivalent to ten witch years.
(c) Nobody keeps track of a witch's age.
(d) They never die.

15. Mrs. Coulter thinks she is opening a tin containing the alethiometer, but instead, the spy-fly comes out and attacks
(a) Mrs. Coulter and her daemon.
(b) Every daemon it encounters.
(c) Lyra and her daemon.
(d) The men in the conference room.

Short Answer Questions

1. While being held captive by the bears, Lyra consults her alethiometer using light provided by

2. When Iorek and Lyra reach the village near the Bolvangar, they are met by what?

3. When Lyra is kidnapped and taken to the Bolvangar, who does she tell everyone she is?

4. What does Lyra learn about male witches?

5. What are severed children?

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