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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the Bolvangar, Lyra asks about the battle. She is told that it
(a) Was just a bad nightmare she had.
(b) Is none of her concern.
(c) Is a silly thing grownups like to engage in.
(d) Already ended, and the Gyptians won.

2. Serafina tells Lyra that the Oblation Board is funded by the
(a) Tartars.
(b) Church.
(c) Foundation.
(d) Gobblers.

3. After waking up and finding that Lord Asriel is gone, Lyra and a group of bears take off to
(a) Find her daemon.
(b) Retrieve her alethiometer.
(c) Rescue Iorek.
(d) Rescue Roger.

4. While pursuing Lord Asriel, Lyra and Iorek reach a bridge where they are forced to
(a) Consult the alethiometer.
(b) Admit defeat.
(c) Retreat.
(d) Separate.

5. Mrs. Coulter thinks she is opening a tin containing the alethiometer, but instead, the spy-fly comes out and attacks
(a) Mrs. Coulter and her daemon.
(b) The men in the conference room.
(c) Every daemon it encounters.
(d) Lyra and her daemon.

6. Lord Asriel tells Lyra that the Magisterium decided that Dust was the result of what?
(a) Original sin.
(b) An experiment gone haywire.
(c) Sorcery and witchcraft.
(d) Colliding magnetic fields.

7. When Lyra is taken to the canteen at the Bolvangar, whom does she see?
(a) Tony.
(b) Lee.
(c) Faa.
(d) Roger.

8. After Iorek becomes king, Lyra consults her alethiometer and discovers that Mrs. Coulter is
(a) Headed to Svalgard in a zeppelin that is armed with guns.
(b) Burning down the Bolvangar to hide the evidence.
(c) Has captured Lee Scoresby and taken his hot air balloon.
(d) Plotting with the witches to recapture Lyra.

9. While they are talking at Lord Asriel's home in the North, Asriel tells Lyra that Dust is
(a) Sacred and should not be tampered with.
(b) What gives witches their long lives.
(c) The reason for his breakup with Mrs. Coulter.
(d) What makes the alethiometer work.

10. When Lyra and Roger meet with Lord Asriel in his elegant home atop a high crag, what does Roger tell Lyra?
(a) Mrs. Coulter is ten times scarier than Lord Asriel.
(b) He is afraid of Lord Asriel.
(c) He is happy to be in such a comfortable house.
(d) He has lost his daemon.

11. While being held captive by the bears, Lyra consults her alethiometer using light provided by
(a) Small clumps of glowing Dust.
(b) The faint glow of her wristwatch.
(c) The small opening high above her.
(d) Her daemon who takes on the form of a firefly.

12. After Tony dies, Lyra discovers that his fish had been taken by
(a) A child to feed his younger siblings.
(b) A Gyptian to feed his dogs.
(c) A polar bear to feed her cubs.
(d) A Tartar to feed his sick friend.

13. In Chapter 16, who saves Lyra from being separated from her daemon?
(a) Lord Asriel.
(b) Billy Costa.
(c) Mrs. Coulter.
(d) Roger.

14. What daemons do the Sibirirsk regiments have?
(a) Reindeer.
(b) Snow leopards.
(c) Polar bears.
(d) Wolves.

15. When Lyra is kidnapped and taken to the Bolvangar, who does she tell everyone she is?
(a) Emily Asriel.
(b) Sara Smith.
(c) Lizzie Brooks.
(d) Betty Sue Coulter.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Lyra sees hundreds of tiny black objects up in the sky, Iorek tells her they are

2. What does Lyra learn about the ages of witches?

3. What does Lyra place in Tony's mouth before his body is cremated?

4. When the alethiometer tells Lyra that there is a ghost in a village near the Bolvangar, she thinks the ghost may be that of a

5. As the children escape from the compound, they see

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