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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mrs. Coulter thinks she is opening a tin containing the alethiometer, but instead, the spy-fly comes out and attacks
(a) Every daemon it encounters.
(b) Mrs. Coulter and her daemon.
(c) The men in the conference room.
(d) Lyra and her daemon.

2. When Lyra's hood is removed by her kidnappers, who addresses her?
(a) A woman with a cackling voice laughs at her.
(b) A Gobbler threatens her.
(c) A man speaking broken English asks her name.
(d) Mrs. Coulter talks to her disapprovingly.

3. At the Bolvangar, Billy Costa tells Lyra about a hiding place in the
(a) Ceiling.
(b) Closet.
(c) Basement.
(d) Pantry.

4. When Lyra is taken to the canteen at the Bolvangar, whom does she see?
(a) Faa.
(b) Lee.
(c) Roger.
(d) Tony.

5. When Lyra consults her alethiometer to see how the Bolvangar is being defended, she discovers that
(a) The station is surrounded by wire and guarded by Tartars.
(b) The region is separated by an icy moat.
(c) The area is guarded by armored bears.
(d) The entrance is protected by an electric field, and Gobblers patrol the area.

6. Lyra is able to answer all of the bear king's difficult questions by consulting
(a) The witches.
(b) Her daemon.
(c) Her friend Iorek.
(d) The alethiometer.

7. As the new king of the bears, what does Iorek Byrnison order regarding human prisoners?
(a) That they be given fair trials.
(b) Their execution.
(c) Their release.
(d) That they be banished.

8. When the daemons escape from the Bolvangar, why is the alarm not heard?
(a) It is drowned out by the fire alarm.
(b) The daemons disengaged it.
(c) It sounds, but nobody recognizes it.
(d) It is set to "Silent Mode."

9. When Lyra meets the bear king, she notices that he has a doll that resembles whom?
(a) Serafina.
(b) Ma Costa.
(c) Mrs. Coulter.
(d) Lyra.

10. After Tony dies, Lyra discovers that his fish had been taken by
(a) A Gyptian to feed his dogs.
(b) A Tartar to feed his sick friend.
(c) A child to feed his younger siblings.
(d) A polar bear to feed her cubs.

11. Serafina tells Lyra that the Oblation Board is funded by the
(a) Church.
(b) Foundation.
(c) Gobblers.
(d) Tartars.

12. Who is Iofur Rakinson?
(a) Leader of the Tartars.
(b) King of the bears.
(c) Servant of Lord Asriel.
(d) Mentor of John Faa.

13. At the canteen in the Bolvangar, Lyra drops a handkerchief when passing by her friend and manages to convey to him that they
(a) Need to talk to Mrs. Coulter immediately.
(b) Should not talk to the other children.
(c) Must overtake the adults the first chance they get.
(d) Must pretend they do not know each other.

14. What are severed children?
(a) Those whose daemons settled too early.
(b) Those born without a daemon.
(c) Those whose daemons have abandoned them.
(d) Those who have been separated from their daemons.

15. After consulting her alethiometer while imprisoned by the bears, Lyra learns that someone is coming to rescue her. Who?
(a) Mrs. Coulter.
(b) Serafina.
(c) Lord Asriel.
(d) Iorek.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the Bolvangar, when Mrs. Coulter asks Lyra about the girl's disappearance in London, what story does Lyra fabricate?

2. Lord Asriel tells Lyra that the Magisterium decided that Dust was the result of what?

3. After the battle between the two bears is over, Lyra is reunited with

4. At the Bolvangar, Lyra asks about the battle. She is told that it

5. At the Bolvangar, what lie does Mrs. Coulter tell Lyra about Dust?

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