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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As the children escape from the compound, they see
(a) Lee Scoresby deflating Mrs. Coulter's zeppelin.
(b) Mrs. Coulter sending a witch after Lyra.
(c) Lee Scoresby dropping sacks of sand on the Tartars.
(d) The Tartars taking Lyra away.

2. Iorek was exiled from Svalbard for what?
(a) Losing his armor.
(b) Insulting the leader.
(c) Losing an important battle.
(d) Killing a bear.

3. When Lyra consults her alethiometer to see how the Bolvangar is being defended, she discovers that
(a) The area is guarded by armored bears.
(b) The station is surrounded by wire and guarded by Tartars.
(c) The region is separated by an icy moat.
(d) The entrance is protected by an electric field, and Gobblers patrol the area.

4. Lord Asriel tells Lyra that the Magisterium decided that Dust was the result of what?
(a) Original sin.
(b) Colliding magnetic fields.
(c) Sorcery and witchcraft.
(d) An experiment gone haywire.

5. While they are talking at Lord Asriel's home in the North, Asriel tells Lyra that Dust is
(a) What makes the alethiometer work.
(b) Sacred and should not be tampered with.
(c) What gives witches their long lives.
(d) The reason for his breakup with Mrs. Coulter.

6. At Lord Asriel's elegant home, Roger is sent to bed while Lyra is
(a) Asked to help prepare dinner.
(b) Questioned thoroughly about her alethiometer.
(c) Given dessert.
(d) Told to meet with Lord Asriel.

7. How does Lyra create an explosion in the compound's kitchen when she escapes from Mrs. Coulter?
(a) Using oil and vinegar.
(b) With a burner and flour.
(c) With a burner and oil.
(d) Using vinegar and baking soda.

8. How does Lyra create a distraction at the Bolvangar during a fire drill?
(a) Releases the guard dogs.
(b) Gets daemons to pretend they are fighting.
(c) Starts a giant snowball fight.
(d) Attacks a polar bear guard.

9. While being held by the bears, Lyra remembers that more than anything in the world, the bear king wants
(a) An alethiometer.
(b) A bride.
(c) Dust.
(d) A daemon.

10. When the alethiometer tells Lyra that there is a ghost in a village near the Bolvangar, she thinks the ghost may be that of a
(a) Missing child.
(b) Guard killed in action.
(c) Scholar.
(d) Gobbler.

11. What are severed children?
(a) Those whose daemons have abandoned them.
(b) Those born without a daemon.
(c) Those who have been separated from their daemons.
(d) Those whose daemons settled too early.

12. How do the bears, accompanied by Lyra, fight against their attackers in Chapter 22?
(a) With a fire thrower.
(b) With their sharp teeth.
(c) By calling upon other animals for help.
(d) Using powerful laser beams.

13. In the fight between Iorek and Iofur, Iorek is soon injured where?
(a) Left paw.
(b) Right side.
(c) Lower back.
(d) Left eye.

14. What does Iofur do after noticing Iorek's injury suffered in battle?
(a) Gets him medical attention.
(b) Taunts him.
(c) Allows him to rest a minute.
(d) Defeats him.

15. In Chapter 16, who saves Lyra from being separated from her daemon?
(a) Roger.
(b) Lord Asriel.
(c) Billy Costa.
(d) Mrs. Coulter.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Lyra and Roger meet with Lord Asriel in his elegant home atop a high crag, what does Roger tell Lyra?

2. At the Bolvangar, when Mrs. Coulter asks Lyra about the girl's disappearance in London, what story does Lyra fabricate?

3. After the bears capture Lyra, they throw her into a

4. When Lyra sees hundreds of tiny black objects up in the sky, Iorek tells her they are

5. While pursuing Lord Asriel, Lyra and Iorek reach a bridge where they are forced to

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