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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the king of the Gyptians?
(a) Billy Costa.
(b) Monty Belacqua.
(c) Jaxer Kerim.
(d) John Faa.

2. While Lyra and her daemon are exploring in the Retiring Room, they hear someone approach. Where do they hide?
(a) Behind a mahogany armchair.
(b) Inside an oak trunk.
(c) Behind an oak desk.
(d) Inside a mahogany chest.

3. Lyra and her daemon try to escape the Retiring Room, but when they hear someone coming, they are forced to hide again. Where do they hide the second time?
(a) Wardrobe.
(b) Air duct.
(c) Secret room.
(d) Desk drawer.

4. While she is hiding in the Retiring Room, what does Lyra see the Master pour into the drink prepared for Lord Asriel?
(a) Green droplets.
(b) Red tablets.
(c) Clear liquid.
(d) White powder.

5. While they dine, what does Mrs. Coulter tell Lyra about bears' livers?
(a) They are too expensive to order.
(b) They are a rare delicacy.
(c) They are poisonous.
(d) They are full of nutrients.

Short Answer Questions

1. Lyra believes her parents died in an airship accident, but what do Faa and Coram reveal to her about her father?

2. What does Lyra call her daemon affectionately?

3. Overhearing a group of men at the cocktail party hosted by Mrs. Coulter, Lyra learns that Dust particles are attracted to

4. Lord Asriel is said to look like what when he yawns?

5. Why can't Lyra join the Gyptians in their rescue effort?

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