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Lesson 1 (from Part 1, Chapter 1)


Part 1, Chapter 1

The first chapter sets the tone of the book, showing that characters do things in secret, in hiding, or unethically. The objective of this lesson is to explore the themes of secrecy and lack of ethics introduced by the author.


1. Class Discussion: Where is the first chapter set? What type of room is this? Who is allowed here? Who is not allowed here? What does Lyra observe while she is hiding? When does she come out of hiding? Why does she leave her hiding place? Whom does she talk to? What do they discuss?

2. Written Assignment: Write a summary of the events that take place in Chapter 1. Then, answer the following: How is the theme of secrecy carried through this first chapter?

3. Small Group Activity: In small groups, discuss the ethics of what transpires in this first chapter. In particular, discuss the poisoning...

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