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Arctic Regions Map

Pullman's story takes place in an alternate world that shares geographical similarities with our own. Much of his narrative takes place in arctic regions. Draw a map of the Arctic Circle, labeling countries, major cities, and features including bodies of water.

Daemon Discovery

What is a daemon? Look up the meaning of the word and come up with reasons the author might have chosen to give his characters animal daemons. Then, draw your own animal daemon. Why did you choose this animal? How does it represent you?

Author Bio

Who is Phillip Pullman? Research the author of The Golden Compass and create a one-page bio describing the man, his life, and his other works.

Movie Review

The book inspired a movie of the same name. Rent or borrow and watch "The Golden Compass," and then write a review of the movie.

Parallel Universes

The book...

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