The Golden Compass Character Descriptions

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This is the only character who can read the alethiometer, an ability which gives this character power that is used only when necessary.

Lord Asriel

This character has a powerful presence and a dark past and is the main character's real parent. This character's primary concern is manipulating the power of Dust to bridge different universes.

Mrs. Coulter

This beautiful, intelligent character is considered the most sinister character of the book and is often demonstrated by a golden monkey daemon.


This character is the main character's best friend and is kidnapped by the Gobblers.

Iorek Byrnison

This character is armored and refers to that armor as its soul.

John Faa

This character is the leader of the Gyptian people and organizes a rescue party.

Farder Coram

This character is a seer who becomes a grandparent figure to the main character.

Serafina Pekkala

This character is a...

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