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Part 1, Chapter 1

• Lyra and her daemon hide inside the forbidden Retiring Room.

• They see the Master put what appears to be poison in a decanter of Tokay, a type of wine.

• Lord Asriel later comes in, and once he is by himself, he pours a glass of Tokay.

• Lyra bolts out of her hiding place to prevent Asriel, her uncle, from drinking the tainted beverage.
• Lord Asriel is angry at Lyra until she tells him the Tokay has been poisoned by the Master.

• Lyra hides again in order to spy on the Master.

• When the Porter comes in carrying large boxes, Asriel pushes the whole decanter of Tokay from the table and blames the accident on the Porter.

• The mess is cleaned up, and more items are brought in, including a projector and a screen.

Part 1, Chapter 2

• The Master and Scholars shuffle into the Retiring Room and sit...

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