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Yiyun Li
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is more sinful than destroying seven temples?
(a) Getting a divorce.
(b) Breaking up a marriage.
(c) Lying to the police.
(d) Having a child out of wedlock.

2. Why does Meilan have to use Mr. Chang's nickname?
(a) Her younger sister gave him the name.
(b) The police force everyone to use it.
(c) Her mother says it is more polite.
(d) Mr. Chang asks her to.

3. What is Ying responsible for buying?
(a) Ingredients for dinner.
(b) Books and paper.
(c) Award trophies.
(d) Tablecloths and napkins.

4. Which author's books does Mrs. Mo have a full collection of?
(a) Agatha Christie.
(b) Dean Koontz.
(c) Ernest Hemingway.
(d) Stephen King.

5. Where do the girls swear sisterhood?
(a) At the army base.
(b) At a school camp.
(c) Beside the Moon River.
(d) In Ailin's backyard.

6. How does Meilan first react to the people dancing at the Twilight Club?
(a) She gets jealous of their dancing prowess.
(b) She is annoyed by their loudness.
(c) She is bored to tears by their slowness.
(d) She is overwhelmed by bleakness.

7. What happens to the photographer?
(a) He defects to Germany.
(b) He is beaten to death.
(c) He lives to a hundred.
(d) He is jailed for being a capitalist spy.

8. What does the man offer to buy the girl?
(a) A new dress.
(b) Wonton soup.
(c) Ice-cream.
(d) Perfume.

9. Why does Ailin conceal the sisterhood pact from Ying?
(a) She is scared Ying will turn her in to the police.
(b) Part of the pact was to maintain secrecy.
(c) She does not want Ying to make the same mistake.
(d) For fear of being laughed at.

10. What nickname is given to Meilan?
(a) Miss Twilight.
(b) Wealthy Dragon.
(c) Little Goldfish.
(d) The Opportunist.

11. What is Number Three, Garden Road made from?
(a) Redbrick.
(b) Timber.
(c) Recycled plastic.
(d) Glass panels.

12. What plan did the women make together?
(a) To run away to another country.
(b) To become connected by marriage.
(c) To open their own school together.
(d) To swap around their grandchildren.

13. Why do some of Mrs. Tang's friends envy her?
(a) She has great wealth.
(b) Her son is successful.
(c) Her hair is glossy.
(d) She has freedom.

14. What does the girl not foresee?
(a) The late nightfall.
(b) The tenacity of a lonely man.
(c) The closing time of the pharmacy.
(d) The early sunset.

15. What did Mr. Chang show Meilan for the first time?
(a) Color television.
(b) A man blushing.
(c) A broken heart.
(d) Kindness.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long is their pledge meant to last?

2. How does Meilan escape her parents' nagging?

3. Where is the headquarters of the women's business?

4. Why does Ying reprint the picture of Ailin with her sisters?

5. How did Mrs. Mo lose her husband?

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