Gold Boy, Emerald Girl: Stories Short Essay - Answer Key

Yiyun Li
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1. What is Kindness about?

The story is about Moyan, a woman reminiscing on the two women who made the largest impact on her life. Moyan is an orphan who was adopted by an older man and his young bride.

2. How does the past influence Moyan's life?

Moyan watches her mother wither and die from a broken heart as she was forced into marriage to keep from ruining her own and her family's reputation. The sad tale of her parents influences Moyan's choices in life.

3. What does Moyan learn from Professor Shan?

Professor Shan teaches Moyan that love only leads to heartbreak and that she should avoid it at all costs.

4. How does Moyan meet Lietenaunt Wei?

Moyan enters the army and meets Lieutenant Wei. Lieutenant Wei's position forces her to sometimes be unkind to the women she is training.

5. How is Moyan treated by Lieutenant Wei?

Lieutenant has an affection for Moyan. Lieutenant Wei sees a deep sadness in Moyan that she wants to repair.

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