Objects & Places from Gold Boy, Emerald Girl: Stories

Yiyun Li
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Bar of Soap

This object is a gift of cleansing that is kept unused due to the memories conjured by its smell.

Romance books

These are the objects of Moyan's mother's obsession.

The Photograph in Sweeping Past

This object captures the members of a secret pact.

Lady Chatterley's Lover

This object contains references to sex that once made it banned.

D.H. Lawrence Book

This object is stolen when Moyan stops seeing Professor Shan.


Professor Dai wants to play this with her son.

Internet Cafe

This place offers escapism from the real world and allows a person to pretend to be someone he/she is not.

Twilight Club

This is a place you will not find young people dancing.

Mrs. Jin's Store

This place lies opposite a jail and has different prices for locals and outsiders.

The Teahouse in Gold Boy, Emerald Girl

This place is situated...

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