Gold Boy, Emerald Girl: Stories Character Descriptions

Yiyun Li
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While finding it hard to trust others, this character is scared of heartbreak and ending up alone and miserable.

Lieutenant Wei

This character holds a position of authority, and while he tries to help, his motives are misunderstood.

Professor Shan

This character is fond of literature, perhaps because books are his only source of company.

Mother and Father

One suffers from a broken heart and is always ill, while the other suffers from loving his/her partner too much.

Teacher Fei

This character is a loyal child and talented artist, but his/her life remains lonely due to an unfair accusation.


This character finds his/her main purpose in life though his/her offspring, and cannot imagine abandoning his/her own child.


This character is uneducated and is a prisoner of his/her life circumstances.

Mrs. Mo

This character would rather be free than married...

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