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Lesson 1 (from The Rockpile)


The Rockpile

The rockpile does actually exist in the story, The Rockpile. The Grimes boys are forbidden to play on the rockpile across the street from their apartment. This lesson will discuss the symbolism of the rockpile itself and how it can be viewed as stable, but also crumble or falter.


1. Group Discussion:

Divide the class into groups and discuss the symbolism of the rockpile. How can the rockpile be seen as stable and indestructible? How can the rockpile also be seen as unstable and faltering? How is the image of the rockpile similar to the image we get of Gabriel?

2. Class Debate:

Divide the class into two groups and have one side argue that the rockpile can be seen as a parallel to the personality of Gabriel and the other half argue that the rockpile cannot even begin to be seen as a parallel...

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