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Libba Bray
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where are the hitchhikers headed?
(a) Nowhere in particular.
(b) A party house
(c) Disney World.
(d) Tomorrow Land.

2. Why does Cameron pick up some hitchhikers?
(a) To help people.
(b) To get gas money.
(c) To avoid the police.
(d) To distract himself.

3. Who does Balder say his father is?
(a) Zeus.
(b) Neptune.
(c) Thor.
(d) Odin.

4. What does Dulcie wrap Cameron with at the hotel room?
(a) Silvery mist.
(b) Her wings.
(c) Velvet.
(d) A warm comforter.

5. What do Balder and Gonzo bond over while driving?
(a) Beign short.
(b) Sci-fi movies.
(c) Philosophy.
(d) Their past lives.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Cameron meet Balder?

2. What surprise does Dr. X tell Cameron?

3. What does Cameron make Balder do before he will let him go on the journey with him?

4. What does Cameron tell Gonzo to do when he is captured by the snow globe men?

5. What is Ed's job?

Short Essay Questions

1. What kind of game show is Cameron involved in?

2. Why is Dulcie not impressed with her own special power?

3. What does the old man at the gas station give Cameron?

4. What happens to Balder at the beach?

5. What does Cameron see as he runs from the Wizard?

6. What is special about the tree Cameron meets Dulcie at?

7. Why does Cameron decide to go to the YA! Party House?

8. Why does Cameron choose to stop at Hope Georgia?

9. How does Keith change his destiny?

10. What does Cameron see when he dies?

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