Going Bovine Short Essay - Answer Key

Libba Bray
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1. How are Cameron and Jenna different from each other when they are twins?

Even though Cameron and Jenna are twins, they are two very different people. Cameron is a loner kind of guy who likes to be on his own, smoke pot, and listen to music. Jenna is more popular, has a boyfriend, and a very active social life. In essence, these fraternal twins are polar opposites of each other.

2. What does Cameron notice as he is driving to work?

As Cameron drives off to work for the first time in this book, he notices that his father is mowing the lawn - the one chore his mother had asked him to do.

3. What happens when Cameron serves Staci at work?

When Cameron serves Staci and her friends at his job, his arm begins to twitch uncontrollably, and he spills their drinks all over them.

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