Objects & Places from Going Bovine

Libba Bray
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Don Quixote.

This fictional novel character was created by Miguel de Cervantes in Spanish.

Schrodinger's Cat.

This is a thought experiment that the stoners discuss in the school.

Eubie's Hot Wax.

This is the name of the vintage record store where Cameron likes to hang out.

The 4th floor bathroom.

This is where Cameron and other stoners hang out and get high.

Greutzfeldt-Jacob disease.

This disease is the scientific name for what is known as Mad Cow disease.

Copenhagen Interpretation.

This is a popular Inuit rock band that went missing at the same time as Dr. X.

Junior's sunglasses and horn.

Another person who understands the quest that Cameron is on gives these to him to help him.

Church of Everlasting Satisfaction and Snack N Bowl.

This is a compound where Cameron and Gonzo are taken when Cameron passes out in the street.

The YA! Party House.


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