Going Bovine Character Descriptions

Libba Bray
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Cameron Smith.

This character is an angry 16-year-old loner.

Jenna Smith.

This character is a twin sister and is everything her twin is not.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

These characters seem to barely tolerate each other.

Paul Ignacio

This character is a Latino dwarf.

The Wizard of Reckoning.

This character is a large, mysterious knight.


This character is a punk rock angel who has been sent as a guide.


This character is a garden gnome who comes alive at a house party.

Junior Webster.

This character is a jazz great who lives in New Orleans, LA.

The Fire Giants.

These characters are agents of a powerful character who show up when their victim is at his weakest.


This character is a tough woman who has lost a young daughter to cancer.

Dr. X.

This character is a physicist who has been traveling through different dimensions...

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