Going Bovine Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Libba Bray
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The Beginning: Chs. 1 - 7

• Cameron remembers the day he almost dies at Disneyland when he jumped off the ride at It's a Small World. It was the only time he felt alive.

• Cameron is reading "Don Quixote" in English, and gets very bored. When he is asked to get a janitor, he sneaks off to smoke Pot in the bathroom.

• The Stoners all talk about Schrodinger's cat. Cameron meets Gonzo, a dwarf who is part of the stoner group.
• Cameron stops to make fun of Jenna, his twin sister at the end of the school day. They are twins, but total polar opposites.

• Chet, Jenna's girlfriend and a football player, says his pastor doesn't want him reading "Don Quixote" as it causes kids to ask too many questions.

• Cameron goes to a record store and then heads to the college to visit his dad who he sees flirting...

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