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Tim O'Brien
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Short Answer Questions

1. Into what country does Third Squad arrive at the end of Chapter 36?

2. In Chapter 43, what does Sarkin Aung Wan say Paul Berlin has to do to prove his love?

3. What does the boy in Chapter 31 do involuntarily from time to time?

4. How does Cacciato finally answer Paul Berlin's plea to agree to the murder?

5. What cause of death does Doc Peret give for Billy Boy Watkins?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the Squad occasionally march down trails likely to be booby trapped?

2. Why does Stink Harris jump off the ship at the end of Chapter 38?

3. What does Paul Berlin rationalize is the essential purpose of the Vietnam War at the end of Chapter 40?

4. How does Third Squad gain control of the VW van?

5. Describe Cacciato in Chapter 31.

6. Why does Doc Peret have to admit to the Cacciato chase in Chapter 33?

7. How does Third Squad determine happens to Buff's big gun?

8. How does Doc Peret get Third Squad out of trouble with Iranian authorities in Chapter 29?

9. How does Third Squad escape execution in Chapter 36?

10. Describe the hypothetical conversation Paul Berlin imagines with the young girl in hoop earrings.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The character of Cacciato in the novel exists on two different planes: the Cacciato that exists, and the the Cacciato that exists in Paul Berlin's mind.

Write an essay about Cacciato as he appears in three different points in the novel. It this appearance real or invented? What is Cacciato doing, and how does this further the story? Does Cacciato seem to have any major objective?

Part 1) Cacciato in Delhi

Part 2) Cacciato outside the prison cell in Tehran

Part 3) Cacciato in the World's Greatest Lake Country

Essay Topic 2

Midway through Going After Cacciato, Paul Berlin states that a fellow soldier's death can only be classified as a fact. Write an essay on the topic of death in the novel. Is there such a thing as a good death or a bad death in O'Brien's universe or is all death equally meaningless? Is there any difference in the way the author presents Bernie Lynn's death and the execution in Tehran? Is there any intimation from Berlin that there may be something after death?

Essay Topic 3

The narrative of the novel begins with the announcement that Cacciato, the simpleton, has set off into the jungle to walk to Paris. Although the men of Third Squad are annoyed, they do not question the impetus that drove Cacciato. Write an essay on Paris as a symbol in Going After Cacciato. Why does the idea of walking to Paris appeal to all of the men in the Squad? What does Paris represent to each of them, and what doe they find themselves doing once they arrive?

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