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Tim O'Brien
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 43, what does Sarkin Aung Wan say Paul Berlin has to do to prove his love?
(a) Renounce his US citizenship.
(b) Marry her.
(c) Kill Oscar Johnson.
(d) Get an apartment in Paris.

2. Who discovers Buff's body in Chapter 41?
(a) Paul Berlin.
(b) Oscar Johnson.
(c) Cacciato.
(d) Harold Murphy.

3. Who eventually searches the VC tunnel in Chapter 34?
(a) Paul Berlin.
(b) Cacciato.
(c) Doc Peret.
(d) Sidney Martin.

4. In Chapter, Doc Peret tells Captain Rhallon that the nonexistent treaty legitimizing Third Squad's international travel was ratified in what city?
(a) Geneva.
(b) Prague.
(c) Munich.
(d) Oslo.

5. What is the origin of Buff's nickname?
(a) He is suppsoed to be big as a buffalo.
(b) He always separates men when they fight.
(c) He comes from Buffalo, NY.
(d) He is obsessed with his toned physique.

Short Answer Questions

1. Before leaving for Vietnam, Berlin's father tells him to keep an eye out for what?

2. What principality is Third Squad in at the beginning of Chapter 43?

3. Who eventually gets Buff's helmet in Chapter 41?

4. What does the girl in the van think must be the worst part of going to war?

5. In this chapter, of what does Oscar Johnson say Stink Johnson was full?

Short Essay Questions

1. What news does Captain Rhallon bring Third Squad at the end of Chapter 33?

2. Describe Sarkin Aung Wan and Paul Berlin's debate in Chapter 44.

3. Describe Captain Rhallon.

4. How does Paul Berlin feel about death in Chapter 32?

5. What public event does Third Squad witness in Chapter 29?

6. In Chapter 31, what haunting event happens to Paul Berlin on his first day in the mountains?

7. What implied ultimatum does Sarkin Aung Wan make to Paul Berlin in Chapter 43?

8. How does Paul Berlin characterize the true war stories he has in Chapter 42?

9. How does Third Squad determine happens to Buff's big gun?

10. Why does Doc Peret have to admit to the Cacciato chase in Chapter 33?

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