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Tim O'Brien
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What clothing accessory does Paul Berlin recall vividly about a young,crying Vietnamese girl in Chapter 39?
(a) Cracked glasses.
(b) Hoop earrings.
(c) A headband.
(d) A Mickey Mouse watch.

2. What does Sidney Martin do in Chapter 34 to put his men on notice?
(a) Write their names in a notebook.
(b) Take half their rations.
(c) Punch Oscar Johnson.
(d) Force them to march nearly twice the normal distance.

3. With what word does Paul Berlin describe Billy Boy Watkins' death in Chapter 32?
(a) Blessing.
(b) Inevitability.
(c) Tragedy.
(d) Fact.

4. What famous military leader dies in Chapter 43?
(a) Charles de Gaulle.
(b) George S. Patton.
(c) Dwight Eisenhower.
(d) Douglas MacArthur.

5. Who eventually searches the VC tunnel in Chapter 34?
(a) Paul Berlin.
(b) Sidney Martin.
(c) Doc Peret.
(d) Cacciato.

6. As he marches with Third Squad in Chapter 31, what does Paul Berlin plan to do in the coming weeks?
(a) Write a letter to his father.
(b) Learn to act like them.
(c) Learn to get by on two hours of sleep.
(d) Desert.

7. In Chapter 45, what does Paul Berlin recall is the last word he ever said to Cacciato?
(a) Yes.
(b) Goodbye.
(c) No.
(d) Go.

8. Before leaving for Vietnam, Berlin's father tells him to keep an eye out for what?
(a) Traps.
(b) Good stuff.
(c) The enemy.
(d) A reason to stay alive.

9. What does the boy in Chapter 31 do involuntarily from time to time?
(a) Fart.
(b) Whistle.
(c) Fiddle with his rifle.
(d) Do situps.

10. Why does the earths start shaking in Chapter 41?
(a) Another squad is blowing tunnels.
(b) A typhoon is blowing in.
(c) An aftershock from a quake.
(d) Lieutenant Corson has called in an airstrike a few miles away.

11. What is Cacciato doing while the other men vote to murder Sidney Martin?
(a) Searching the VC tunnel.
(b) Swimming.
(c) Relieving himself.
(d) Fishing.

12. To whom does Oscar Johnson offer the big gun before giving it to Harold Murphy?
(a) Stink Harris.
(b) Paul Berlin.
(c) Eddie Lazzutti.
(d) Cacciato.

13. In Chapter 43, what does Sarkin Aung Wan say Paul Berlin has to do to prove his love?
(a) Marry her.
(b) Renounce his US citizenship.
(c) Get an apartment in Paris.
(d) Kill Oscar Johnson.

14. According to Doc Peret, what are the two reasons why soldiers choose not to desert?
(a) Despair and inebriation.
(b) Fear and self-respect.
(c) Duty and belief in mission.
(d) Stupidity and weakness.

15. What part of Buff's body does Doc Peret refuse to collect?
(a) His hand.
(b) His ear.
(c) His head.
(d) His foot.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who finally makes the move to steal the van for the girl driving?

2. Why does Cacciato like Sidney Martin?

3. What is Paul Berlin surprised to still see in French countryside?

4. What holiday does Third Squad celebrate in Tehran?

5. Which member of Third Squad always daydreams abut what he'd do with a million dollars?

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