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Tim O'Brien
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the boy in Chapter 31 do involuntarily from time to time?
(a) Fiddle with his rifle.
(b) Fart.
(c) Whistle.
(d) Do situps.

2. To what does Eddie Lazzutti compare Buff's body throughout Chapter 41?
(a) A pile of spaghetti.
(b) A crab.
(c) A slain bison.
(d) A praying Arab.

3. To whom does Oscar Johnson offer the big gun before giving it to Harold Murphy?
(a) Cacciato.
(b) Stink Harris.
(c) Eddie Lazzutti.
(d) Paul Berlin.

4. What holiday does Third Squad celebrate in Tehran?
(a) Haloween.
(b) Thanksgiving.
(c) Christmas.
(d) St. Valentine's Day.

5. How does Cacciato finally answer Paul Berlin's plea to agree to the murder?
(a) He tells Oscar Johnson he is in.
(b) He tells Sidney Martin about the conspiracy.
(c) He lets Paul Berlin touch his hand to the grenade.
(d) He walks away into the jungle.

6. Which European river do the men cross at the end of Chapter 40?
(a) The Seine.
(b) The Rhine.
(c) The Rhine.
(d) The Danube.

7. Who eventually gets Buff's helmet in Chapter 41?
(a) Cacciato.
(b) Harold Murphy.
(c) Oscar Johnson.
(d) Doc Peret.

8. What does Third Squad give to Stink Harris as a joke in Chapter 39?
(a) The Communist Manifesto.
(b) A Vietnamese phrasebook.
(c) Profiles in Courage.
(d) Conscience of a Conservative.

9. According to Paul Berlin in Chapter 37, where are most booby traps located?
(a) In the jungle.
(b) Along trails.
(c) In villages.
(d) In farmland.

10. Which two people stay in the apartment in Chapter 44, refusing to search for Cacciato?
(a) Doc Peret and Lieutenant Corson.
(b) Doc Peret and Paul Berlin.
(c) Paul Berlin and Sarkin Aung Wan.
(d) Lieutenant Corson and Sarkin Aung Wan.

11. What is Cacciato doing while the other men vote to murder Sidney Martin?
(a) Searching the VC tunnel.
(b) Fishing.
(c) Relieving himself.
(d) Swimming.

12. Which member of Third Squad always daydreams abut what he'd do with a million dollars?
(a) Stink Harris.
(b) Eddie Lazzutti.
(c) Doc Peret.
(d) Oscar Johnson.

13. In Chapter 45, what does Paul Berlin recall is the last word he ever said to Cacciato?
(a) No.
(b) Goodbye.
(c) Yes.
(d) Go.

14. Why does Doc declare the Nazis and Japanese lost World War II?
(a) They did not have right on their side.
(b) Thye lacked the materials to win.
(c) They did not want to win.
(d) They fought poorly.

15. In this chapter, to what does the girl in the van compare to the War?
(a) Her two year of college.
(b) Fights with her father.
(c) Her last relationship.
(d) The Catholic Church.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Third Squad determine it has to bring Cacciato to avoid being labeled deserters?

2. Early in his arrival, Paul Berlin is warned by another soldier not to do what in regarding a paddy?

3. In Chapter 39, Paul Berlin acknowledges that he went to war because he believes in what?

4. What is the boy from Chapter 31's favorite type of gum?

5. What did Billy Boy and the others do to pass the time on the afternoon he died?

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