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Tim O'Brien
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does the girl say she has contacts that can help the soldiers escape military duty?
(a) Denmark.
(b) Sweden.
(c) Norwark.
(d) Netherlands.

2. What clothing accessory does Paul Berlin recall vividly about a young,crying Vietnamese girl in Chapter 39?
(a) Hoop earrings.
(b) A Mickey Mouse watch.
(c) A headband.
(d) Cracked glasses.

3. To what movie player of villains does Stink Harris compare the executed man?
(a) Sidney Greenstreet.
(b) Peter Lorre.
(c) Boris Karloff.
(d) Richard Widmark.

4. To what does Eddie Lazzutti compare Buff's body throughout Chapter 41?
(a) A crab.
(b) A pile of spaghetti.
(c) A praying Arab.
(d) A slain bison.

5. What is the boy from Chapter 31's favorite type of gum?
(a) Black Jack.
(b) Double mint.
(c) Juicy Fruit.
(d) Big League Chew.

6. Who nurses Lieutenant Corson back to health in Chapter 38?
(a) Jolly Chand.
(b) Sarkin Aung Wan.
(c) Oscar Johnson.
(d) Doc Peret.

7. What does Third Squad give to Stink Harris as a joke in Chapter 39?
(a) Profiles in Courage.
(b) Conscience of a Conservative.
(c) The Communist Manifesto.
(d) A Vietnamese phrasebook.

8. What does Paul Berlin joke is also paying rent in the apartment he and Sarkin Aung Wan take?
(a) Roaches.
(b) Spiders.
(c) Rats.
(d) Dust.

9. At the beginning of Chapter 31, as Third Squad stops during the march, what does Paul Berlin do?
(a) Pee in a paddy.
(b) Write a letter.
(c) Fall asleep.
(d) Weep.

10. Why does Cacciato like Sidney Martin?
(a) Martin likes black jack gum also.
(b) Martin gave Cacciato some of his rations.
(c) Martin let him carry the radio one day.
(d) Martin is from the same state as Cacciato.

11. Who makes of up the phrase "The World's Greatest Lake Country?"
(a) Oscar Johnson.
(b) Stink Harris.
(c) Doc Peret.
(d) Eddie Lazzutti.

12. According to Doc Peret, what are the two reasons why soldiers choose not to desert?
(a) Despair and inebriation.
(b) Stupidity and weakness.
(c) Fear and self-respect.
(d) Duty and belief in mission.

13. What part of Buff's body does Doc Peret refuse to collect?
(a) His hand.
(b) His foot.
(c) His head.
(d) His ear.

14. What does Sidney Martin do in Chapter 34 to put his men on notice?
(a) Force them to march nearly twice the normal distance.
(b) Punch Oscar Johnson.
(c) Take half their rations.
(d) Write their names in a notebook.

15. Who is the gun-chewing boy in Chapter 31?
(a) Cacciato.
(b) Harold Murphy.
(c) Eddie Lazzuti.
(d) Stink Harris.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what country is the liner docked when it is searched by police in this chapter?

2. Which European river do the men cross at the end of Chapter 40?

3. What season is it at the end of Chapter 40?

4. At the end of Chapter 33, what does the brutal Iranian officer force Third Squad to call themselves?

5. Who does Lieutenant Corson tell Paul Berlin to look out for when the latter says he will be staying in Paris?

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