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Tim O'Brien
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following men votes to in Chapter 3 to turn back?
(a) Harold Murphy.
(b) Oscar Johnson.
(c) Paul Berlin.
(d) Lieutenant Corson.

2. What bit of information does Oscar Johnson not give to Cacciato during their parlay?
(a) He cannot walk to Paris.
(b) The lieutenant will make a deal with him.
(c) He will starve to death in the jungle.
(d) He is facing a court martial.

3. What appliance did Doc Peret disassemble as a child?
(a) A refrigerator.
(b) An air conditioner.
(c) A HAM radio.
(d) A television.

4. Who wants to fire on Cacciato in this chapter?
(a) Oscar Johnson.
(b) Eddie Lazzuti.
(c) Stink Harris.
(d) Paul Berlin.

5. In Chapter 9, what does Stink Harris refuse to do for Doc Peret?
(a) Give Bernie Lynn an injection.
(b) Go into the tunnel.
(c) Talk to the dying Bernie Lynn.
(d) Bag Frenchie Tucker's body.

6. In Chapter 27, what assumption about himself does Paul Berlin acknowledge is true?
(a) He will never really leave the Midwest.
(b) He does not believe in the War.
(c) He will not fight well.
(d) He is a writer at heart.

7. Why does Sidney Martin take so long to get air support after the tunnel attacks?
(a) He cannot find the radio.
(b) He cannot get a signal.
(c) He cannot find the coordinates.
(d) He does not theink air support is necessary.

8. In Chapter 14, why is Frenchie Tucker about to leave the front when he is shot?
(a) High blood pressure.
(b) His tour is up.
(c) A gangrenous wound.
(d) Scheduled leave.

9. Where is Paul Berlin's place in the march order?
(a) He takes the back.
(b) He is on point.
(c) He is in the exact middle.
(d) He is right behind the Lieutenant.

10. What is the ratio of support personnel to combat personnel in Chu Lai?
(a) 4 to one.
(b) 6 to one.
(c) One to one.
(d) 12 to one.

11. How does Stink Harris lose his hold on Cacciato in the brush?
(a) Stink cannot get his arms all the way around Cacciato.
(b) Cacciato bites him.
(c) Cacciato punches him in the groin.
(d) Cacciato is sweaty and slick.

12. What does Third Squad discover in the mountains as they clear bodies in Chapter 27?
(a) POW's.
(b) Cacciato.
(c) Maps.
(d) Tunnels.

13. What does Paul Berlin end up saying to his parents over the MARS system?
(a) Nothing. They do not pick up.
(b) He loves them.
(c) He is never scared.
(d) The war is over.

14. What words does Paul Berlin state to himself without emotion as he watches Chapter 11's air-strike?
(a) Fuck you.
(b) Kill it.
(c) Bye bye.
(d) I'm sorry.

15. What item do the men find in their search of the train in Chapter 21?
(a) Cacciato's uniform.
(b) Cacciato's AWOL bag.
(c) Cacciato's dog tags.
(d) Cacciato's photo album.

Short Answer Questions

1. At what town does Lieutenant Corson decide to cut off Cacciato in Chapter 10?

2. What action do the two older women continually do as they ride with Third Squad?

3. In Chapter 11, Sidney Martin calls in a massive air-strike following the death of which of his men?

4. With what term do the men of Third Squad refer to Lieutenant Corson after he tells them he will not be leaving Delhi?

5. What does Paul Berlin's host in Chapter 27 tell him he does not have?

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