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Tim O'Brien
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Thirty-Three, Outlawed on the Road to Paris, Chapter Thirty-Four, Lake Country, Chapter Thirty-Five, World's Greatest Lake Country.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What official houses Third Squad at their destination in of Chapter 27?
(a) A Governor.
(b) A Mayor.
(c) An Ambassador.
(d) A Colonel.

2. Why does Doc declare the Nazis and Japanese lost World War II?
(a) They fought poorly.
(b) Thye lacked the materials to win.
(c) They did not want to win.
(d) They did not have right on their side.

3. What are the "lakes" of the The World's Greatest Lake Country?
(a) Craters.
(b) Paddies.
(c) Mass graves.
(d) Puddles of blood.

4. What item does Paul Berlin borrow from the sleeping Eddie in Chapter 30?
(a) A helmet.
(b) A scope.
(c) Peach rations.
(d) A rifle.

5. Why are Third Squad arrested in Chapter 29?
(a) Oscar Johnson gets in a bar fight.
(b) Eddie Lazzutti asks a cop directions.
(c) Doc Peret discusses the Shah publicly.
(d) Stink Harris insults a mullah.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Third Squad get Lieutenant Corson out of Delhi in Chapter 26?

2. What does Paul Berlin's host in Chapter 27 tell him he does not have?

3. What east of burden does Stink Harris shoot in Chapter 6?

4. Who falls in love in Delhi?

5. What item do the men find in their search of the train in Chapter 21?

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